How Do You Spell DEAL BEING?

The word "deal being" can be written in two ways: "deal being" and "dealbeen". The correct pronunciation of "deal being" is /dil ˈbiːɪŋ/, with stress on the first syllable of "being". The reason for the spelling variation is due to the historical evolution of the word. "Deal" originally meant "divide" or "distribute", and "been" is a past participle form of "be". Over time, "dealbeen" became contracted to "deal being", both of which are still in use today.

Common Misspellings for DEAL BEING

  • seal being
  • xeal being
  • ceal being
  • feal being
  • real being
  • eeal being
  • dwal being
  • dsal being
  • ddal being
  • dral being
  • d4al being
  • d3al being
  • dezl being
  • desl being
  • dewl being
  • deql being
  • deak being
  • deap being
  • deao being
  • deal veing

Plural form of DEAL BEING is DEAL BEINGS

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