How Do You Spell DEARE?

The spelling of the word "Deare" can be confusing, especially when compared to the more commonly used "dear". The pronunciation of the word is identical, with the same stress on the first syllable and the same vowel sounds. However, the use of the extra "e" at the end is important to indicate the adjective form of the word. This is reflected in the IPA phonetic transcription, with the schwa sound at the end (/dɪərə/) indicating the extra vowel. So, while it may seem like an odd spelling choice, "Deare" is simply a different version of the word "dear".

Common Misspellings for DEARE

  • xeare
  • eeare
  • d4are
  • d3are
  • dezre
  • deqre
  • deaee
  • dea5e
  • dea4e
  • dearw
  • dear3
  • sdeare
  • dseare
  • xdeare
  • dxeare
  • cdeare
  • dceare
  • fdeare
  • dfeare

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