How Do You Spell DECANTING?

Decanting is the process of pouring a liquid into another container, typically to separate it from any sediment or residue. It is spelled with five letters - D, E, C, A, and N - and pronounced as /dɪˈkæntɪŋ/ (dih-KAN-ting). The first syllable is stressed and begins with a short i sound, while the second syllable contains the schwa sound. The final syllable ends with the -ing suffix, indicating a continuous action or process. The spelling of 'Decanting' is straightforward and phonetically accurate.

Common Misspellings for DECANTING

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10 words made out of letters DECANTING

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Conjugate verb Decanting


I would decant
we would decant
you would decant
he/she/it would decant
they would decant


I will decant
we will decant
you will decant
he/she/it will decant
they will decant


I will have decanted
we will have decanted
you will have decanted
he/she/it will have decanted
they will have decanted


I decanted
we decanted
you decanted
he/she/it decanted
they decanted


I had decanted
we had decanted
you had decanted
he/she/it had decanted
they had decanted


I decant
we decant
you decant
he/she/it decants
they decant


I have decanted
we have decanted
you have decanted
he/she/it has decanted
they have decanted
I am decanting
we are decanting
you are decanting
he/she/it is decanting
they are decanting
I was decanting
we were decanting
you were decanting
he/she/it was decanting
they were decanting
I will be decanting
we will be decanting
you will be decanting
he/she/it will be decanting
they will be decanting
I have been decanting
we have been decanting
you have been decanting
he/she/it has been decanting
they have been decanting
I had been decanting
we had been decanting
you had been decanting
he/she/it had been decanting
they had been decanting
I will have been decanting
we will have been decanting
you will have been decanting
he/she/it will have been decanting
they will have been decanting
I would have decanted
we would have decanted
you would have decanted
he/she/it would have decanted
they would have decanted
I would be decanting
we would be decanting
you would be decanting
he/she/it would be decanting
they would be decanting
I would have been decanting
we would have been decanting
you would have been decanting
he/she/it would have been decanting
they would have been decanting


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