How Do You Spell DECIDES?

Pronunciation: [dɪsˈa͡ɪdz] (IPA)

The word "decides" is spelled with a "c" and not an "s" because it follows the English language rule that a "c" is used before the letters "e" and "i" to produce the /s/ sound. The IPA phonetic transcription for "decides" is /dɪˈsaɪdz/, indicating that the first syllable is stressed and the /s/ sound is represented by the letter "c". This basic rule of spelling is essential for English language learners to master for clear communication and understanding.

DECIDES Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "decides" is a verb derived from the base word "decide" and carries multiple meanings depending on the context. Primarily, it refers to the act of making a firm resolution or settling upon a particular course of action or opinion after careful consideration or thought. It involves reaching a conclusion or making a judgment about a given situation, often based on available information, personal beliefs, or preferences.

    In the realm of decision-making, "decides" denotes the process of making up one's mind, selecting an alternative among different choices, or arriving at a definite answer. It implies a deliberate act of choosing and often involves analyzing the pros and cons of different options before reaching a decision. This verb indicates an active mental process of weighing possibilities and making a firm determination.

    Moreover, "decides" can also convey the idea of concluding decisively or definitively. It signifies arriving at a final result, outcome, or resolution after considering all relevant factors or evidence. This usage is commonly found in legal contexts, where a judge or jury "decides" a case by rendering a verdict or a ruling based on the presented arguments and evidence.

    Overall, "decides" implies exercising one's judgment or willpower to reach a decision, settle a matter, or determine an outcome, either individually or within a formal decision-making process.

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Etymology of DECIDES

The word "decides" comes from the Latin verb "decidere", which is derived from the combination of the prefix "de-" (meaning "down") and the verb "caedere" (meaning "to cut"). In Latin, "decidere" originally referred to the act of cutting off or cutting down, particularly in the sense of cutting off alternatives or settling a matter. Over time, this evolved to its modern meaning of making a choice or reaching a determination.

Similar spelling words for DECIDES

Conjugate verb Decides


I would decide
we would decide
you would decide
he/she/it would decide
they would decide


I will decide
we will decide
you will decide
he/she/it will decide
they will decide


I will have decided
we will have decided
you will have decided
he/she/it will have decided
they will have decided


I decided
we decided
you decided
he/she/it decided
they decided


I had decided
we had decided
you had decided
he/she/it had decided
they had decided


I decide
we decide
you decide
he/she/it decides
they decide


I have decided
we have decided
you have decided
he/she/it has decided
they have decided
I am deciding
we are deciding
you are deciding
he/she/it is deciding
they are deciding
I was deciding
we were deciding
you were deciding
he/she/it was deciding
they were deciding
I will be deciding
we will be deciding
you will be deciding
he/she/it will be deciding
they will be deciding
I have been deciding
we have been deciding
you have been deciding
he/she/it has been deciding
they have been deciding
I had been deciding
we had been deciding
you had been deciding
he/she/it had been deciding
they had been deciding
I will have been deciding
we will have been deciding
you will have been deciding
he/she/it will have been deciding
they will have been deciding
I would have decided
we would have decided
you would have decided
he/she/it would have decided
they would have decided
I would be deciding
we would be deciding
you would be deciding
he/she/it would be deciding
they would be deciding
I would have been deciding
we would have been deciding
you would have been deciding
he/she/it would have been deciding
they would have been deciding


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