How Do You Spell DED?

Correct spelling for the English word "ded" is [dˈɛd], [dˈɛd], [d_ˈɛ_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for DED

Definition of DED

  1. Lifeless; insensible; numb; motionless; inanimate; dull.

Anagrams of DED

3 letters

2 letters

Usage Examples for DED

  1. He's bin ded too lengthy. - "The Complete Works of Artemus Ward, Part 1" by Charles Farrar Browne
  2. I saw Da stick in the knife and the blood come all out, I ded!" - "Secret Bread" by F. Tennyson Jesse

What does ded stand for?

Abbreviation DED means:

  1. Directive Enforcement Department
  2. Dust Eater Dogs