How Do You Spell DEDRA?

Pronunciation: [dˈɛdɹə] (IPA)

The name "Dedra" is pronounced /ˈdɛdrə/ in English, with stress on the first syllable. The "D" is pronounced like the letter "D" in English, while the "e" is short and pronounced like "eh". The "dr" consonant cluster is pronounced with one continuous sound made by touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth and releasing it quickly. The final "a" is pronounced like "uh". The name "Dedra" is spelled with five letters and is easy to spell and pronounce.

Common Misspellings for DEDRA

  • dedree
  • deadra
  • dedrea
  • ddra
  • Deedra
  • dwdra
  • dsdra
  • dddra
  • drdra
  • d4dra
  • d3dra
  • dedea
  • dedfa
  • ded5a
  • ded4a
  • dedrz
  • dedrs
  • dedrw
  • dedrq
  • sdedra

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