How Do You Spell DELA?

The word "Dela" can be spelled in different ways, depending on the language it comes from. In Scandinavian languages like Swedish and Norwegian, it is spelled with a "d" and an "e" with an acute accent (é) - "Délä". This indicates the stressed syllable and changes the pronunciation to /ˈdelɑ/. In some languages, such as Swahili, it is spelled with a "j" instead of a "d" - "Jela". The correct spelling of "Dela" should always consider the language and its phonetic rules.

Common Misspellings for DELA

  • delq
  • xdela
  • dxela
  • dcela
  • fdela
  • dfela
  • rdela
  • drela
  • dwela
  • ddela
  • d4ela
  • de4la
  • d3ela
  • de3la
  • delza
  • delaz
  • delwa
  • delqa
  • d ela

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