How Do You Spell DELAYED?

Pronunciation: [dɪlˈe͡ɪd] (IPA)

The word 'delayed' is spelled with three syllables and pronounced as [dɪˈleɪd]. The first syllable is pronounced as 'di' with the short 'i' sound, followed by the second syllable 'lay' pronounced with a long 'a' sound. The final syllable 'ed' is pronounced as 'd', indicating that the word is in the past tense. The spelling of 'delayed' follows the traditional English letters and spellings, which may not always match phonetic pronunciation. It can be confusing, but understanding IPA phonetic transcription makes it easier to grasp.

DELAYED Meaning and Definition

  1. Delayed is an adjective that refers to something or someone that has been postponed, interrupted, or made to occur later than expected, planned, or scheduled. It indicates a situation or an action experiencing a time lapse or a slowdown in progress.

    The term delayed often describes instances where there is a time delay between the intended or desired occurrence of an event or action and its actual happening. This delay can occur due to various reasons, such as unforeseen circumstances, technical issues, logistics problems, or external factors beyond one's control. For example, a delayed flight refers to a departure time that has been postponed or pushed back. Similarly, a delayed payment suggests that the payment has not been made on time as per the agreed-upon schedule.

    The concept of being delayed can apply to virtually any area or aspect of life, including transportation, communication, processes, deliveries, projects, or events. Delays can range from minor inconveniences to significant disruptions, depending on the severity and impact on other connected activities or parties involved. In some cases, delays may lead to negative consequences, such as financial losses, missed opportunities, decreased efficiency, or a negative impact on reputation. However, delays can also sometimes be inevitable or even beneficial, allowing for more time to prepare, reevaluate, or enhance certain aspects before proceeding.

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Etymology of DELAYED

The word delayed comes from the Old French word delaiier, which means to put off or to postpone. This Old French word is derived from the Latin word delatare, which also means to put off or to defer. The Latin term is a combination of the prefix de-, which indicates reversal or negation, and the verb latus, which means carried or brought. Therefore, delayed essentially means carried or brought to a halt or carried or brought after the expected time.

Idioms with the word DELAYED

  • justice delayed is justice denied The idiom "justice delayed is justice denied" means that the inability to obtain timely justice results in a denial or infringement of one's rights. It implies that if the legal system or any form of justice is delayed, it loses its effectiveness or relevance, thus causing harm or injustice to the affected party.

Similar spelling words for DELAYED

Conjugate verb Delayed


I would delay
we would delay
you would delay
he/she/it would delay
they would delay


I will delay
we will delay
you will delay
he/she/it will delay
they will delay


I will have delayed
we will have delayed
you will have delayed
he/she/it will have delayed
they will have delayed


I delayed
we delayed
you delayed
he/she/it delayed
they delayed


I had delayed
we had delayed
you had delayed
he/she/it had delayed
they had delayed


I delay
we delay
you delay
he/she/it delays
they delay


I have delayed
we have delayed
you have delayed
he/she/it has delayed
they have delayed
I am delaying
we are delaying
you are delaying
he/she/it is delaying
they are delaying
I was delaying
we were delaying
you were delaying
he/she/it was delaying
they were delaying
I will be delaying
we will be delaying
you will be delaying
he/she/it will be delaying
they will be delaying
I have been delaying
we have been delaying
you have been delaying
he/she/it has been delaying
they have been delaying
I had been delaying
we had been delaying
you had been delaying
he/she/it had been delaying
they had been delaying
I will have been delaying
we will have been delaying
you will have been delaying
he/she/it will have been delaying
they will have been delaying
I would have delayed
we would have delayed
you would have delayed
he/she/it would have delayed
they would have delayed
I would be delaying
we would be delaying
you would be delaying
he/she/it would be delaying
they would be delaying
I would have been delaying
we would have been delaying
you would have been delaying
he/she/it would have been delaying
they would have been delaying


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