Pronunciation: [dɪlˈɛktəbə͡l sˈʌstənəns] (IPA)

The term "delectable sustenance" is a mouth-watering phrase that refers to delicious food that provides the necessary nourishment required by the body. In phonetics, the word "delectable" is pronounced as /dɛlɪktəbəl/ while "sustenance" is pronounced as /ˈsʌst(ə)nəns/. The IPA symbol /ə/ represents a schwa sound, which means it is pronounced as an unstressed vowel sound that is similar to the "uh" sound. In conclusion, the spelling of the word "delectable sustenance" is explained using phonetic transcription as /dɛlɪktəbəl ˈsʌst(ə)nəns/.

DELECTABLE SUSTENANCE Meaning and Definition

  1. Delectable sustenance refers to food or nourishment that is not only pleasing and enjoyable to taste but also provides sustenance and nourishment to the body. The term can be broken down into two parts: "delectable" and "sustenance."

    "Delectable" describes something that is highly pleasing and delightful to the senses, particularly to the taste buds. It often denotes an exquisite, appetizing, or scrumptious quality, enticing individuals with its flavorful and enjoyable characteristics.

    "Sustenance" refers to the act or process of sustaining life, health, and well-being through the consumption of food or nourishment. It signifies the vital nutrients, energy, and resources that fuel and support the body's various functions, growth, and development.

    When combined, "delectable sustenance" represents food or sustenance that not only satisfies hunger but also provides a pleasurable and enjoyable eating experience. It describes meals or dishes that are not only nourishing and essential for survival but also indulgent, enticing, and delightful to consume. These types of culinary creations typically offer a harmonious balance of taste, texture, aroma, and presentation, appealing to both the physical and sensory aspects of eating. Whether prepared with skillful culinary techniques or using high-quality ingredients, delectable sustenance offers individuals both a satisfying meal and an enjoyable gastronomic experience.

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The word "delectable" is derived from the Latin term "delectabilis", meaning "delightful" or "pleasing". It is formed from the verb "delectare", which means "to delight" or "to please". The term "sustenance" has Latin roots as well, originating from the word "sustinere", which means "to maintain" or "to support". When combined, "delectable sustenance" refers to food or nourishment that is both delicious and sustaining.


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