How Do You Spell DELECTUS?

Delectus is a Latin word that means "choice" or "selection." The phonetic transcription of this word is /diːˈlɛktəs/. The spelling of the word "Delectus" can be explained by breaking down each phoneme. The "d" is pronounced as "d," the "ee" sound is represented by "i," "l" sounds like "l," "ɛ" is represented by "e," "k" is pronounced as "k," "t" as "t," "ə" is represented by "u," and the final "s" is pronounced as "s." Overall, the spelling of Delectus closely aligns with its correct phonetic pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for DELECTUS

  • selectus
  • xelectus
  • celectus
  • felectus
  • relectus
  • eelectus
  • dwlectus
  • dslectus
  • ddlectus
  • drlectus
  • d4lectus
  • d3lectus
  • dekectus
  • depectus
  • deoectus
  • delwctus
  • delsctus
  • deldctus
  • delrctus

11 words made out of letters DELECTUS