How Do You Spell DELEGATE?

Pronunciation: [dˈɛlɪɡˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

The spelling of "delegate" may pose some confusion due to the pronunciation of the letters "e-g-a-t-e". However, understanding the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) can provide clarity. The word is pronounced /ˈdɛl.ə.ɡeɪt/, indicating that the "e" is pronounced as a schwa sound and the "a" is pronounced as a long "a" sound. Additionally, the "g" is pronounced as a soft "j" sound since it's followed by an "e". By breaking down the word using IPA, it can be easier to understand and spell correctly.

DELEGATE Meaning and Definition

  1. Delegate (noun) refers to a person who is chosen or appointed to represent others, especially in a decision-making process or an official function. Delegates are entrusted with the responsibility to act on behalf of a group, organization, or constituency, conveying their views, opinions, and interests. They serve as intermediaries, often providing a link between the represented and the individuals or authorities they engage with.

    Delegate (verb) denotes the act of entrusting or assigning a task, duty, or authority to someone else. When a person delegates a role, they grant the power to another person to act on their behalf, typically due to factors such as time constraints, expertise limitations, or the need to distribute workload. Delegation enables effective management of resources by sharing responsibilities among individuals, fostering collaboration, and ensuring efficient completion of tasks.

    The concept of delegation is frequently encountered in various contexts, including government, politics, business, education, and diplomacy. Delegates play a crucial role in decision-making processes, as they bring diverse perspectives, represent diverse interests, and seek to negotiate, advocate, or find common ground on behalf of the group they represent. Their commitment to representing the best interests of their constituents, along with their ability to effectively communicate and negotiate, are traits often associated with successful delegates.

  2. • One sent as a representative; a deputy; a commissioner.
    • To send with power to transact business; to intrust; to commit to another's care.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of DELEGATE

The word delegate is derived from the Latin word delegare, which is formed by combining de- meaning from or down and legare meaning to send as an ambassador or to depute. Legare itself originates from the Latin word lex, meaning law. Therefore, the word delegate essentially means to send or entrust someone with authority or power from a higher authority or law.

Idioms with the word DELEGATE

  • delegate sth to sm The idiom "delegate something to someone" refers to the act of assigning or entrusting a task, responsibility, or authority to another person. It involves transferring the power or duty of completing a specific task or making a decision to someone else, typically due to their expertise, availability, or rank.
  • delegate sm to sth The idiom "delegate sm to sth" means to entrust or assign someone a specific task, responsibility, or duty. It refers to transferring authority or power to someone else to handle or manage a particular matter on behalf of oneself or an organization.
  • delegate (something) to (someone) The idiom "delegate (something) to (someone)" refers to the act of assigning or entrusting a task, responsibility, or authority to another person or group. It involves transferring or allocating a specific duty or decision-making power to someone else, while still maintaining overall accountability or supervision.
  • delegate someone to something The idiom "delegate someone to something" refers to the act of assigning or entrusting someone with a specific task, responsibility, or role. It involves granting authority or power to another person to represent or act on behalf of a group, organization, or higher authority in order to accomplish a particular objective.

Similar spelling words for DELEGATE

Plural form of DELEGATE is DELEGATES

Conjugate verb Delegate


I would have delegated
you would have delegated
he/she/it would have delegated
we would have delegated
they would have delegated
I would have delegate
you would have delegate
he/she/it would have delegate
we would have delegate
they would have delegate


I would have been delegating
you would have been delegating
he/she/it would have been delegating
we would have been delegating
they would have been delegating


I would delegate
you would delegate
he/she/it would delegate
we would delegate
they would delegate


I would be delegating
you would be delegating
he/she/it would be delegating
we would be delegating
they would be delegating


I will delegate
you will delegate
he/she/it will delegate
we will delegate
they will delegate


I will be delegating
you will be delegating
he/she/it will be delegating
we will be delegating
they will be delegating


I will have delegated
you will have delegated
he/she/it will have delegated
we will have delegated
they will have delegated


I will have been delegating
you will have been delegating
he/she/it will have been delegating
we will have been delegating
they will have been delegating


you delegate
we let´s delegate


to delegate


I was delegating
you were delegating
he/she/it was delegating
we were delegating
they were delegating




I had delegated
you had delegated
he/she/it had delegated
we had delegated
they had delegated


I had been delegating
you had been delegating
he/she/it had been delegating
we had been delegating
they had been delegating


I delegate
you delegate
he/she/it delegates
we delegate
they delegate


I am delegating
you are delegating
he/she/it is delegating
we are delegating
they are delegating




I have delegated
you have delegated
he/she/it has delegated
we have delegated
they have delegated


I have been delegating
you have been delegating
he/she/it has been delegating
we have been delegating
they have been delegating


he/she/it delegate


I delegated
you delegated
he/she/it delegated
we delegated
they delegated


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