How Do You Spell DELES?

The word "deles" is spelled with four letters and three phonemes: /dɛlɪz/. The first sound is a voiced dental fricative /d/, followed by a close-mid front vowel /ɛ/. The ending consists of a voiced alveolar fricative /l/ and an unstressed vowel schwa /əz/. The spelling of "deles" can be easily confused with "deals" or "dells", but the IPA provides an accurate representation of the sounds used in the word to ensure proper pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for DELES

  • dealee
  • delis
  • delce
  • delse
  • delles
  • Deltes
  • delesse
  • dellee
  • d4les
  • del4s
  • del3s
  • xdeles
  • dxeles
  • fdeles
  • dfeles
  • rdeles
  • dreles
  • edeles
  • deeles
  • desles

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