How Do You Spell DEMOS?

Correct spelling for the English word "Demos" is [d_ˈɛ_m_əʊ_z], [dˈɛmə͡ʊz], [dˈɛmə‍ʊz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of DEMOS

  1. Personification of the populace or democracy. [Greek]

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Usage Examples for DEMOS

  1. We are two great idealists, who know how to lie in a most ideal manner to those who deserve nothing better, and who also know how to adore Truth; two democrats, but nevertheless two adorers of that recondite Truth which has never been touched by the dirty hands of old Demos. - "The Saint" by Antonio Fogazzaro Commentator: William Roscoe Thayer
  2. He also quoted on his side the inevitable Jefferson; for Jefferson, or rather the highly idealized conception of what Jefferson had been, shared with the " demos krateo principle" the honor of being one of the twin fetiches to which Benton, in common with most of his fellow- Democrats, especially delighted to bow down. - "Thomas Hart Benton" by Theodore Roosevelt

What does Demos stand for?

Abbreviation DEMOS means:

  1. Dendenkosha Multi-access Online Service
  2. Delphi Mediation On-line System