How Do You Spell DEMUR?

Pronunciation: [dɪmˈɜː] (IPA)

Correct spelling for the English word "demur" is [dɪmˈɜː], [dɪmˈɜː], [d_ɪ_m_ˈɜː] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

DEMUR Meaning and Definition

  1. Demur, as both a noun and a verb, refers to expressing hesitation, objection, or reluctance in response to an idea, proposal, statement, action, or authority.

    As a verb, demur means to politely or firmly express opposition, dissent, doubt, or reservation. It involves voicing an objection or raising concerns about a suggestion, decision, or course of action. By demurring, an individual may express hesitation, suggesting a need for further clarification, consideration, or discussion. It can be seen as a way of expressing reservations or drawing attention to potential problems or inconsistencies.

    As a noun, demur refers to the act of objecting or raising an objection. It denotes a statement or an act expressing dissent, hesitation, or reservation. A demur can be both formal, such as a legal objection in a court of law, or casual in everyday conversations, indicating disagreement or doubt.

    The term demur often implies a polite and respectful expression of disagreement, as opposed to a forceful or confrontational objection. It reflects a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue, seeking clarification or alternatives rather than outright rejection. Therefore, demur encompasses the act of challenging or playing the devil's advocate, aiming to foster a more comprehensive understanding or decision-making process.

  2. • Hesitation.
    • To hesitate; to delay; to pause; to scruple.
    • A pause; a scruple; hesitation as to the propriety of proceeding.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

Common Misspellings for DEMUR

Etymology of DEMUR

The word "demur" originates from the Latin term "demorari", which can be broken down into two parts: "de-" meaning "from" or "away", and "morari", meaning "to delay" or "to linger". In Middle English, "demuren" was used as a verb to mean "to delay" or "to hesitate", and later evolved into the modern "demur" meaning "to object" or "to raise doubts". The term has been used since the 14th century in legal contexts to refer to a reasoned objection or plea.

Idioms with the word DEMUR

  • without demur The idiom "without demur" means to do something without hesitation, objection, or protest. It suggests acting promptly or willingly without expressing any doubt or disagreement.
  • demur at (something) The idiom "demur at (something)" means to hesitate, object, or express reluctance or unwillingness regarding something. It refers to showing reluctance or expressing doubt or reservation about a proposition, request, or action.
  • demur at sth The idiom "demur at something" means to object or express reluctance to do or agree with something. It implies a hesitation or resistance to accepting or complying with a particular idea, proposal, or action.

Similar spelling words for DEMUR

Plural form of DEMUR is DEMURS

Conjugate verb Demur


I would have demurred
you would have demurred
he/she/it would have demurred
we would have demurred
they would have demurred
I would have demur
you would have demur
he/she/it would have demur
we would have demur
they would have demur


I would have been demurring
you would have been demurring
he/she/it would have been demurring
we would have been demurring
they would have been demurring


I would demur
you would demur
he/she/it would demur
we would demur
they would demur


I would be demurring
you would be demurring
he/she/it would be demurring
we would be demurring
they would be demurring


I will demur
you will demur
he/she/it will demur
we will demur
they will demur


I will be demurring
you will be demurring
he/she/it will be demurring
we will be demurring
they will be demurring


I will have demurred
you will have demurred
he/she/it will have demurred
we will have demurred
they will have demurred
I will have demured
we will have demured
you will have demured
he/she/it will have demured
they will have demured


I will have been demurring
you will have been demurring
he/she/it will have been demurring
we will have been demurring
they will have been demurring


you demur
we let´s demur


to demur


I demured
we demured
you demured
he/she/it demured
they demured


I was demurring
you were demurring
he/she/it was demurring
we were demurring
they were demurring




I had demurred
you had demurred
he/she/it had demurred
we had demurred
they had demurred
I had demured
we had demured
you had demured
he/she/it had demured
they had demured


I had been demurring
you had been demurring
he/she/it had been demurring
we had been demurring
they had been demurring


I demur
you demur
he/she/it demurs
we demur
they demur


I am demurring
you are demurring
he/she/it is demurring
we are demurring
they are demurring




I have demurred
you have demurred
he/she/it has demurred
we have demurred
they have demurred
I have demured
we have demured
you have demured
he/she/it has demured
they have demured


I have been demurring
you have been demurring
he/she/it has been demurring
we have been demurring
they have been demurring


he/she/it demur


I demurred
you demurred
he/she/it demurred
we demurred
they demurred
I am demuring
we are demuring
you are demuring
he/she/it is demuring
they are demuring
I was demuring
we were demuring
you were demuring
he/she/it was demuring
they were demuring
I will be demuring
we will be demuring
you will be demuring
he/she/it will be demuring
they will be demuring
I have been demuring
we have been demuring
you have been demuring
he/she/it has been demuring
they have been demuring
I had been demuring
we had been demuring
you had been demuring
he/she/it had been demuring
they had been demuring
I will have been demuring
we will have been demuring
you will have been demuring
he/she/it will have been demuring
they will have been demuring
I would have demured
we would have demured
you would have demured
he/she/it would have demured
they would have demured
I would be demuring
we would be demuring
you would be demuring
he/she/it would be demuring
they would be demuring
I would have been demuring
we would have been demuring
you would have been demuring
he/she/it would have been demuring
they would have been demuring


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