How Do You Spell DENALI?

Pronunciation: [dɛnˈɑːli] (IPA)

The word "Denali" is often misspelled as "Denali" or "Denail." However, the correct spelling is "Denali" and is pronounced as /dɪˈnɑːlɪ/. The word is derived from the Athabaskan language, and it means "the high one" or "the great one." Denali is the name of the highest peak in North America, located in Alaska. The spelling and pronunciation of Denali reflect the Native American language from which it originated and honors the history and culture of the region.

DENALI Meaning and Definition

Denali refers to a word with multiple meanings and origins. In its most common usage, Denali is the name of a mountain in Alaska, located in Denali National Park and Preserve. It is the highest peak of North America, standing at an elevation of 20,310 feet (6,190 meters). Denali is derived from the native Athabaskan language, in which it means "the high one" or "the great one." It is also known as Mount McKinley, named after President William McKinley. Denali holds significant cultural and symbolic value to several Alaskan indigenous tribes who revere it as a sacred site.

Additionally, Denali can also refer to Denali Borough, a region in Alaska encompassing a large area around the mountain. It is sparsely populated and covers a vast wilderness known for its arctic tundra and diverse wildlife.

Furthermore, Denali can be utilized as a given name or a surname, often among individuals with Alaskan roots. It exemplifies a connection to the natural beauty and heritage of the region. The name Denali can evoke a sense of majesty, awe, and reverence, symbolizing grandeur, strength, and the untamed wilderness. Overall, Denali encompasses various meanings revolving around the iconic mountain, its surrounding region, and its cultural significance to Alaskan natives.

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Etymology of DENALI

The word "Denali" has its origins in the Athabaskan languages spoken by indigenous peoples of Alaska. In the Koyukon language, the mountain is known as "Deenaalee", meaning "the high one" or "the great one". This name was later anglicized to "Denali", and it refers to the highest peak in North America, located in what is now known as Denal National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

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