How Do You Spell DEOLINDA?

Pronunciation: [diːəlˈɪndə] (IPA)

Deolinda is a Portuguese female given name spelled as /dɛɔ'lin.da/. The name is composed of two words, "Deus" meaning God and "linda" meaning beautiful in Portuguese. Thus Deolinda means "beautiful girl of God". This name is popular in Portugal and Brazil and is often given to girls with strong faith and beautiful personality. The correct spelling of "Deolinda" is crucial for communication and identification purposes, especially in official documents and records.

DEOLINDA Meaning and Definition

  1. Deolinda is a feminine given name of Portuguese origin. In terms of etymology, the name is believed to have derived from the combination of the elements "Deus" meaning "God" and the suffix "-linda," which translates to "beautiful" or "lovely" in English. Consequently, the meaning of Deolinda is often interpreted as "beautiful or lovely God" or "God's beauty."

    Deolinda is not only a name but also a highly regarded Portuguese music band that has gained prominence in the contemporary folk and fado genres. The band, formed in Lisbon in 2006, derived its name from the aforementioned feminine given name. Known for their poetic lyrics, harmonious melodies, and emotionally charged performances, Deolinda has become synonymous with reinventing and popularizing traditional Portuguese music. Their songs often delve into themes of love, nostalgia, social issues, and cultural identity, and their distinctive sound blends folk, fado, and contemporary elements.

    In a broader context, Deolinda can also be seen as a representation of Portuguese cultural heritage. Whether as a given name or a musical reference, Deolinda is a symbol of artistry, beauty, and the rich tapestry of Portuguese tradition.

Common Misspellings for DEOLINDA

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Etymology of DEOLINDA

The word "Deolinda" is of Portuguese origin. It is a feminine given name common in Portugal and some Portuguese-speaking countries. The etymology of the name can be traced back to the combination of two elements:

1. "Deus": This is the Portuguese word for "God". It comes from Latin "Deus" with the same meaning.

2. "Linda": This is a Portuguese adjective meaning "beautiful". It also comes from Latin, where "lindus" had the same meaning.

Therefore, "Deolinda" can be understood to mean "beautiful as God" or "God's beauty" in Portuguese.


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