How Do You Spell DERE?

The word "dere" is often spelled incorrectly as "dear" due to its similar pronunciation. However, unlike "dear" which is pronounced as /dɪər/, "dere" is pronounced as /dɛr/ in IPA phonetic transcription. It is a colloquialism for "there" or "over there" commonly used in African American Vernacular English. To avoid confusion with the more common and differently spelled word "dear," it is important to use the correct spelling of "dere."

Common Misspellings for DERE

  • fdere
  • dfere
  • rdere
  • derfe
  • de5re
  • der5e
  • der4e
  • derwe
  • dere4
  • der3e
  • dere3
  • edre
  • Dgre
  • De2e
  • Deru
  • d ere
  • de re
  • der e

11 words made out of letters DERE

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