How Do You Spell DEUCES IT?

The phrase "deuces it" is spelled as /ˈduːsɪz ɪt/, with the stress on the first syllable. The word "deuces" in this context means "goodbye" or "see you later." The spelling may seem confusing due to the presence of the letter "u" in the middle of the word, but it is pronounced as a long "u" sound. The addition of "it" at the end of the phrase simply indicates the action of leaving or saying goodbye.

Common Misspellings for DEUCES IT

  • seuces it
  • xeuces it
  • ceuces it
  • feuces it
  • reuces it
  • eeuces it
  • dwuces it
  • dsuces it
  • dduces it
  • druces it
  • d4uces it
  • d3uces it
  • deyces it
  • dehces it
  • dejces it
  • deices it
  • de8ces it
  • de7ces it
  • deuxes it
  • deuves it

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