How Do You Spell DEWAN?

Pronunciation: [djˈuːən] (IPA)

The spelling of "Dewan" may seem straightforward, but looking at its pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) sheds some light on the sounds that make up the word. The IPA transcription for "Dewan" is /dɛwən/. This indicates that the word is pronounced with a d sound, followed by the vowel sound of "eh," then a w sound, and finally the vowel sound of "uh." This transcription helps clarify the proper pronunciation of "Dewan" and can help non-native speakers pronounce the word correctly.

DEWAN Meaning and Definition

Dewan is a term that has multiple meanings across different cultures. In the context of South Asia, particularly India and Pakistan, dewan refers to a governmental position or title. It is derived from the Persian word "divan," which means a "council" or "assembly." Historically, the dewan was a high-ranking official who served as the prime minister or chief minister in princely states or provincial governments. The dewan acted as an advisor to the ruler and played a significant role in administering the state.

In addition to its governmental connotation, dewan is also used to describe a gathering or assembly in various cultural contexts. In Middle Eastern cultures, a dewan can refer to a social gathering or a gathering of intellectuals to discuss and exchange ideas.

Furthermore, the term dewan is also used to describe a type of traditional furniture. A dewan is a low, cushioned seat or bench typically used in South Asian households. It often features intricate woodwork and is designed for comfort and relaxation.

Overall, the term dewan encompasses various meanings including a governmental position, a social gathering, and a type of traditional furniture. The precise definition depends on the cultural and regional context in which it is used.

Common Misspellings for DEWAN

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  • duwan
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Etymology of DEWAN

The word "Dewan" has its origin in the Persian language. It comes from the Persian word "diwan" (دیوان), which in turn traces its roots to the Arabic word "diwan" (ديوان). The Arabic term originally referred to a register or record book, and later evolved to mean a council, office, or administrative body. From there, it was borrowed into various languages, including Urdu, Turkish, and Malay, where it has taken on different meanings such as assembly, council, court, or government office.

Similar spelling words for DEWAN

Plural form of DEWAN is DEWANS


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