How Do You Spell DEWINESSES?

The word "dewinesses" is spelled with three syllables: /ˈdjuːiːnəsəz/. The first syllable, "dewi," is pronounced with a long "u" sound (/juː/), followed by a long "i" sound (/iː/) in the second syllable, "ness." The final syllable, "-es," is pronounced with a short "u" sound (/əz/). "Dewinesses" is the plural form of "dewiness," a noun meaning the state of being covered in or having the qualities of dew.

Common Misspellings for DEWINESSES

  • dewiness
  • sewinesses
  • xewinesses
  • cewinesses
  • fewinesses
  • rewinesses
  • eewinesses
  • dwwinesses
  • dswinesses
  • ddwinesses
  • drwinesses
  • d4winesses
  • d3winesses
  • deqinesses
  • deainesses
  • desinesses
  • deeinesses
  • de3inesses
  • de2inesses
  • dewunesses

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