How Do You Spell DEWLAPPED?

Pronunciation: [djˈuːlapt] (IPA)

The word "dewlapped" is spelled with two L's and one P. It is pronounced as /ˈdjuːlæpt/. The first syllable "dew" is pronounced as "doo", as in the word "dewdrop". The second syllable "lapped" is pronounced as "lapt", as in the word "wrapped". The word "dewlapped" means to have sagging skin under the throat or neck of an animal, particularly a cow. It is important to spell this word correctly to avoid confusion in communication.

DEWLAPPED Meaning and Definition

  1. Dewlapped is an adjective that refers to a physical characteristic usually found in certain animal species, such as cows, goats, and some types of reptiles. This term describes the presence of a loose fold or flap of skin hanging down from the neck or lower jaw of the animal. This flap of skin is usually more pronounced in males compared to females and can serve various purposes depending on the species.

    In many animals, the dewlap is often used as a display feature during courtship or territorial disputes. Males may use their dewlap to attract females or to establish dominance over other males by puffing it out or vibrating it. For some species, the size and color of the dewlap are important factors in mating choices.

    Additionally, the dewlap can also serve practical purposes. In hot weather, it can help the animal dissipate excess heat by increasing the surface area available for cooling. It can also store fat, allowing the animal to survive in periods of food scarcity.

    Overall, the term "dewlapped" is used to describe the presence of this distinct physical characteristic in various animal species. Its specific function and appearance may vary depending on the species, but it generally serves as a visual or practical feature for the animal.

Common Misspellings for DEWLAPPED

  • sewlapped
  • xewlapped
  • cewlapped
  • fewlapped
  • rewlapped
  • eewlapped
  • dwwlapped
  • dswlapped
  • ddwlapped
  • drwlapped
  • d4wlapped
  • d3wlapped
  • deqlapped
  • dealapped
  • deslapped
  • deelapped
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  • de2lapped
  • dewkapped
  • Dewlappel

Etymology of DEWLAPPED

The word "dewlapped" is derived from the combination of two words: "dew" and "lap".

1. "Dew": This word comes from the Old English word "dēaw", which originally meant "moisture" or "liquid" in general. It can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word "*dawwaz".

2. "Lap": This word comes from Middle English and has Germanic origins. It originally meant "to lick" or "to snatch up with the tongue". The word can be traced back to the Old English word "lapian", which has a similar meaning.


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