How Do You Spell DEY?

The spelling of the word "Dey" is quite interesting as it is pronounced differently in different contexts. In British English, it is commonly pronounced as /deɪ/, rhyming with "day", while in American English, it is pronounced as /deɪ/ and sometimes as /diː/, rhyming with "bee". In some cases, the word may also be pronounced as /daɪ/, rhyming with "die". The difference in pronunciation may depend on the region and cultural background of the speaker.

Common Misspellings for DEY

  • xey
  • d3y
  • sdey
  • xdey
  • dxey
  • cdey
  • de4y
  • d3ey
  • deyg
  • deyh
  • dey7
  • de6y
  • dey6
  • deyy
  • De9
  • d ey

Similar spelling words for DEY

Plural form of DEY is DEYS

7 words made out of letters DEY

2 letters

3 letters


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