How Do You Spell DHAVA?

The word "dhava" is spelled with the letters D-H-A-V-A. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is spelled /dʰavə/. The "d" sound is pronounced with an aspirated "h" sound, while the "a" sound is pronounced as the schwa sound /ə/. The "v" sound is pronounced as a voiced labiodental fricative, which means that the bottom lip is placed between the upper teeth and air is pushed out while the vocal cords vibrate. Overall, the spelling of "dhava" corresponds closely with its pronunciation in IPA.

Common Misspellings for DHAVA

  • shava
  • xhava
  • fhava
  • rhava
  • ehava
  • dgava
  • dbava
  • dnava
  • djava
  • duava
  • dyava
  • dhzva
  • dhsva
  • dhwva
  • dhqva
  • dhaca
  • dhaba
  • dhafa
  • dhavz
  • thava

8 words made out of letters DHAVA

3 letters

4 letters

  • dahv.

5 letters


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