How Do You Spell DIAL?

Pronunciation: [dˈa͡ɪ͡əl] (IPA)

The word "dial" is spelled using the letters d, i, a, and l. Its IPA phonetic transcription is /daɪəl/ which breaks down into two syllables: "die" and "uhl". The "d" at the beginning makes a "duh" sound, followed by a long "ai" sound created by the letters "i" and "a" together. The second syllable "uhl" has a short "u" sound followed by the sound "uhl" created by the letter "l". The word "dial" refers to a circular plate or clock face with numbered markings used to indicate different positions or functions.

DIAL Meaning and Definition

  1. Dial is a noun that refers to a plate or disc with numbered markings or pointers used as a gauge or indicator of a device's settings, such as a control panel or instrument panel. Typically round in shape, a dial is designed to rotate to different positions to accurately display or select specific measurements or options. Dial is commonly found in devices like clocks, radios, telephones, and measuring instruments.

    As a verb, dial means to manipulate or adjust a dial to set a particular value, measurement, or function on a device. For example, you can dial a clock to set the desired time or dial a radio to select a specific radio station. It involves turning the dial in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion until the desired setting or measurement is achieved.

    Dial can also refer to the act of making a telephone call by turning the numbered disc or pushing buttons on a telephone dial pad. The term "dialing" is used to describe the process of entering a phone number and initiating a call using a telephone dial.

    Overall, "dial" encompasses both the physical object used for gauging or selecting options and the action of adjusting or setting values on a device, as well as the act of making a telephone call.

  2. A clock-face.

    A practical medical dictionary. By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop. Published 1920.

  3. An instr. for measuring time by the sun's shadow.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of DIAL

The word "dial" originated from the Latin word "dialis", which means "daily". The Latin word was derived from "dies", meaning "day". Initially, "dial" referred to the face of a sundial, a device used to measure time by the position of the sun's shadow. Over time, the meaning expanded to include various circular devices with graduated scales used for measurement or control, such as the dials on clocks or instruments.

Idioms with the word DIAL

  • dial down The idiom "dial down" means to reduce or lessen the intensity, level, or magnitude of something, such as emotions, volume, or intensity of a situation. It is often used to describe the act of decreasing or moderating a particular aspect.
  • pocket dial The idiom "pocket dial" refers to the accidental act of making a phone call, typically from a mobile device, by unintentionally pressing buttons or touching the screen while the device is in one's pocket or bag.
  • dial up The idiom "dial up" refers to a method of connecting to the internet or a computer network using a modem and a telephone line. It can also be used metaphorically to describe a slow or outdated process or technology.
  • dial back To "dial back" means to reduce or decrease something, typically in terms of intensity, level, or aggressiveness. It can refer to scaling back behavior, actions, or opinions, or to soothing a situation or gradually diminishing an element. The expression is derived from the process of decreasing the volume or intensity of a dial, like on a radio or phone, by turning it backward.
  • rotary dial The idiom "rotary dial" refers to a dial mechanism used on old-fashioned telephones to input numbers before the invention of touch-tone keypads. It typically consists of a circular plate with numbered holes and a rotating finger dial that is manually turned to select and input numbers for making phone calls.

Similar spelling words for DIAL

Plural form of DIAL is DIALS

Conjugate verb Dial


I would be dialing
you would be dialing
he/she/it would be dialing
we would be dialing
they would be dialing


I would have dialed; dialled
you would have dialed; dialled
he/she/it would have dialed; dialled
we would have dialed; dialled
they would have dialed; dialled
I would have dial
you would have dial
he/she/it would have dial
we would have dial
they would have dial


I would have been dialing
you would have been dialing
he/she/it would have been dialing
we would have been dialing
they would have been dialing


I would have been dialing; dialling
you would have been dialing; dialling
he/she/it would have been dialing; dialling
we would have been dialing; dialling
they would have been dialing; dialling


I would dial
you would dial
he/she/it would dial
we would dial
they would dial


I would be dialing; dialling
you would be dialing; dialling
he/she/it would be dialing; dialling
we would be dialing; dialling
they would be dialing; dialling


I will dial
you will dial
he/she/it will dial
we will dial
they will dial


I will be dialing; dialling
you will be dialing; dialling
he/she/it will be dialing; dialling
we will be dialing; dialling
they will be dialing; dialling
I will be dialing
you will be dialing
he/she/it will be dialing
we will be dialing
they will be dialing


I will have dialed; dialled
you will have dialed; dialled
he/she/it will have dialed; dialled
we will have dialed; dialled
they will have dialed; dialled
I will have dialed
you will have dialed
he/she/it will have dialed
we will have dialed
they will have dialed


I will have been dialing; dialling
you will have been dialing; dialling
he/she/it will have been dialing; dialling
we will have been dialing; dialling
they will have been dialing; dialling
I will have been dialing
you will have been dialing
he/she/it will have been dialing
we will have been dialing
they will have been dialing


you dial
we let´s dial


to dial


I dialed
you dialed
he/she/it dialed
we dialed
they dialed


I was dialing; dialling
you were dialing; dialling
he/she/it was dialing; dialling
we were dialing; dialling
they were dialing; dialling
I was dialing
you were dialing
he/she/it was dialing
we were dialing
they were dialing


dialed; dialled


I had dialed; dialled
you had dialed; dialled
he/she/it had dialed; dialled
we had dialed; dialled
they had dialed; dialled
I had dialed
you had dialed
he/she/it had dialed
we had dialed
they had dialed


I had been dialing; dialling
you had been dialing; dialling
he/she/it had been dialing; dialling
we had been dialing; dialling
they had been dialing; dialling
I had been dialing
you had been dialing
he/she/it had been dialing
we had been dialing
they had been dialing


I dial
you dial
he/she/it dials
we dial
they dial


I am dialing; dialling
you are dialing; dialling
he/she/it is dialing; dialling
we are dialing; dialling
they are dialing; dialling
I am dialing
you are dialing
he/she/it is dialing
we are dialing
they are dialing


dialing; dialling


I have dialed; dialled
you have dialed; dialled
he/she/it has dialed; dialled
we have dialed; dialled
they have dialed; dialled
I have dialed
you have dialed
he/she/it has dialed
we have dialed
they have dialed


I have been dialing; dialling
you have been dialing; dialling
he/she/it has been dialing; dialling
we have been dialing; dialling
they have been dialing; dialling
I have been dialing
you have been dialing
he/she/it has been dialing
we have been dialing
they have been dialing


he/she/it dial


I dialed; dialled
you dialed; dialled
he/she/it dialed; dialled
we dialed; dialled
they dialed; dialled
I would have dialed
we would have dialed
you would have dialed
he/she/it would have dialed
they would have dialed


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