How Do You Spell DIETS?

Correct spelling for the English word "Diets" is [d_ˈaɪə_t_s], [dˈa͡ɪ͡əts], [dˈa‍ɪ‍əts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for DIETS

Below is the list of 215 misspellings for the word "diets".

Similar spelling words for DIETS

Definition of DIETS

  1. Regular course of eating and drinking adopted by a person or animal. This does not include DIET THERAPY, a specific diet prescribed in the treatment of a disease.

Anagrams of DIETS

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Usage Examples for DIETS

  1. Retracing is generally seen only on water fasts, not on extended cleansing diets. - "How and When to Be Your Own Doctor" by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon
  2. His early results in this direction confirmed the results of other investigators, animals lived no longer on these diets than when allowed to fast. - "The Vitamine Manual" by Walter H. Eddy

Conjugate verb Diets


I would diet
we would diet
you would diet
he/she/it would diet
they would diet


I will diet
we will diet
you will diet
he/she/it will diet
they will diet


I will have dieted
we will have dieted
you will have dieted
he/she/it will have dieted
they will have dieted


I dieted
we dieted
you dieted
he/she/it dieted
they dieted


I had dieted
we had dieted
you had dieted
he/she/it had dieted
they had dieted


I diet
we diet
you diet
he/she/it diets
they diet


I have dieted
we have dieted
you have dieted
he/she/it has dieted
they have dieted
I am dieting
we are dieting
you are dieting
he/she/it is dieting
they are dieting
I was dieting
we were dieting
you were dieting
he/she/it was dieting
they were dieting
I will be dieting
we will be dieting
you will be dieting
he/she/it will be dieting
they will be dieting
I have been dieting
we have been dieting
you have been dieting
he/she/it has been dieting
they have been dieting
I had been dieting
we had been dieting
you had been dieting
he/she/it had been dieting
they had been dieting
I will have been dieting
we will have been dieting
you will have been dieting
he/she/it will have been dieting
they will have been dieting
I would have dieted
we would have dieted
you would have dieted
he/she/it would have dieted
they would have dieted
I would be dieting
we would be dieting
you would be dieting
he/she/it would be dieting
they would be dieting
I would have been dieting
we would have been dieting
you would have been dieting
he/she/it would have been dieting
they would have been dieting