The word "disciplines" is spelled with a stress on the second syllable, indicated by the symbol /ən/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The four consonants in the middle of the word, "c, p, l, n", create a challenging sequence to pronounce, especially for non-native speakers. However, understanding the spelling patterns of English words such as "disciplines" is essential to improve one's reading and writing skills. A proper understanding of phonetics can be highly beneficial to improve pronunciation and comprehension when learning English.

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2 words made out of letters DISCIPLINES

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Conjugate verb Disciplines


I would discipline
we would discipline
you would discipline
he/she/it would discipline
they would discipline


I will discipline
we will discipline
you will discipline
he/she/it will discipline
they will discipline


I will have disciplined
we will have disciplined
you will have disciplined
he/she/it will have disciplined
they will have disciplined


I disciplined
we disciplined
you disciplined
he/she/it disciplined
they disciplined


I had disciplined
we had disciplined
you had disciplined
he/she/it had disciplined
they had disciplined


I discipline
we discipline
you discipline
he/she/it disciplines
they discipline


I have disciplined
we have disciplined
you have disciplined
he/she/it has disciplined
they have disciplined
I am disciplining
we are disciplining
you are disciplining
he/she/it is disciplining
they are disciplining
I was disciplining
we were disciplining
you were disciplining
he/she/it was disciplining
they were disciplining
I will be disciplining
we will be disciplining
you will be disciplining
he/she/it will be disciplining
they will be disciplining
I have been disciplining
we have been disciplining
you have been disciplining
he/she/it has been disciplining
they have been disciplining
I had been disciplining
we had been disciplining
you had been disciplining
he/she/it had been disciplining
they had been disciplining
I will have been disciplining
we will have been disciplining
you will have been disciplining
he/she/it will have been disciplining
they will have been disciplining
I would have disciplined
we would have disciplined
you would have disciplined
he/she/it would have disciplined
they would have disciplined
I would be disciplining
we would be disciplining
you would be disciplining
he/she/it would be disciplining
they would be disciplining
I would have been disciplining
we would have been disciplining
you would have been disciplining
he/she/it would have been disciplining
they would have been disciplining


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