How Do You Spell DISH?

Correct spelling for the English word "dish" is [d_ˈɪ_ʃ], [dˈɪʃ], [dˈɪʃ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of DISH

  1. dish, n. a plate: a vessel in which food is served: the food in a dish: a particular kind of food: the condition of having a dish shape, concavity of form.--v.t. to put in a dish, for table: (coll.) to outwit, to defeat.--ns. DISH'-CLOUT, DISH'-CLOTH; DISH'-COV'ER, a cover for a dish to keep it hot.--adj. DISH'-FACED; having a round, flat face.--ns. DISH'FUL; DISH'ING, putting in a dish.--adj. hollow like a dish.--n. DISH'-WA'TER, water in which dishes have been washed.--DISH UP, to serve up, esp. figuratively of old materials cooked up anew. [A.S. disc, a plate, a dish, a table--L. discus. Doublets, disc and desk; cf. Ger. tisch, a table.]

Common Misspellings for DISH

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Usage Examples for DISH

  1. Every time she brought in a new dish or took off a cover it was a sort of miracle. - "Adventures In Friendship" by David Grayson
  2. Across this porch of light Rollo stepped, bearing a covered dish. - "Romance Island" by Zona Gale
  3. Thaddeus was too much absorbed in the scene he had left to take anything but a dish of coffee. - "Thaddeus of Warsaw" by Jane Porter
  4. Thee wilt drink a dish of tea with us this evening, William? - "Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles" by Mrs. Henry Wood
  5. 05 1 baking dish . - "Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Management" by Ministry of Education