The correct spelling of the word "disinclines" may be a challenge for many, but it can be deciphered by breaking it down phonetically. The IPA transcription for "disinclines" is /dɪsɪnˈklaɪnz/. This means that it is pronounced as "dis-in-klahynz". The word is formed by combining the prefix "dis", meaning "not", and the verb "incline", meaning "to lean towards or prefer". The "-s" at the end is added to show that it is in the third person present tense.

Common Misspellings for DISINCLINES

Similar spelling words for DISINCLINES

1 words made out of letters DISINCLINES

10 letters

Conjugate verb Disinclines


I would disincline
we would disincline
you would disincline
he/she/it would disincline
they would disincline


I will disincline
we will disincline
you will disincline
he/she/it will disincline
they will disincline


I will have disinclined
we will have disinclined
you will have disinclined
he/she/it will have disinclined
they will have disinclined


I disinclined
we disinclined
you disinclined
he/she/it disinclined
they disinclined


I had disinclined
we had disinclined
you had disinclined
he/she/it had disinclined
they had disinclined


I disincline
we disincline
you disincline
he/she/it disinclines
they disincline


I have disinclined
we have disinclined
you have disinclined
he/she/it has disinclined
they have disinclined
I am disinclining
we are disinclining
you are disinclining
he/she/it is disinclining
they are disinclining
I was disinclining
we were disinclining
you were disinclining
he/she/it was disinclining
they were disinclining
I will be disinclining
we will be disinclining
you will be disinclining
he/she/it will be disinclining
they will be disinclining
I have been disinclining
we have been disinclining
you have been disinclining
he/she/it has been disinclining
they have been disinclining
I had been disinclining
we had been disinclining
you had been disinclining
he/she/it had been disinclining
they had been disinclining
I will have been disinclining
we will have been disinclining
you will have been disinclining
he/she/it will have been disinclining
they will have been disinclining
I would have disinclined
we would have disinclined
you would have disinclined
he/she/it would have disinclined
they would have disinclined
I would be disinclining
we would be disinclining
you would be disinclining
he/she/it would be disinclining
they would be disinclining
I would have been disinclining
we would have been disinclining
you would have been disinclining
he/she/it would have been disinclining
they would have been disinclining


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