The word disinclining is spelled with a prefix "dis-" which means negation or reversal, and the root word "inclining" which means having a tendency or preference towards something. The suffix "-ing" signifies the present participle form of the root word. The pronunciation of disinclining is /ˌdɪsɪnˈklaɪnɪŋ/. This word refers to the act of dissuading someone from doing something or changing their preference towards something. The spelling and pronunciation of these words are essential for clear communication in written and spoken English.

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1 words made out of letters DISINCLINING

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Conjugate verb Disinclining


I would disincline
we would disincline
you would disincline
he/she/it would disincline
they would disincline


I will disincline
we will disincline
you will disincline
he/she/it will disincline
they will disincline


I will have disinclined
we will have disinclined
you will have disinclined
he/she/it will have disinclined
they will have disinclined


I disinclined
we disinclined
you disinclined
he/she/it disinclined
they disinclined


I had disinclined
we had disinclined
you had disinclined
he/she/it had disinclined
they had disinclined


I disincline
we disincline
you disincline
he/she/it disinclines
they disincline


I have disinclined
we have disinclined
you have disinclined
he/she/it has disinclined
they have disinclined
I am disinclining
we are disinclining
you are disinclining
he/she/it is disinclining
they are disinclining
I was disinclining
we were disinclining
you were disinclining
he/she/it was disinclining
they were disinclining
I will be disinclining
we will be disinclining
you will be disinclining
he/she/it will be disinclining
they will be disinclining
I have been disinclining
we have been disinclining
you have been disinclining
he/she/it has been disinclining
they have been disinclining
I had been disinclining
we had been disinclining
you had been disinclining
he/she/it had been disinclining
they had been disinclining
I will have been disinclining
we will have been disinclining
you will have been disinclining
he/she/it will have been disinclining
they will have been disinclining
I would have disinclined
we would have disinclined
you would have disinclined
he/she/it would have disinclined
they would have disinclined
I would be disinclining
we would be disinclining
you would be disinclining
he/she/it would be disinclining
they would be disinclining
I would have been disinclining
we would have been disinclining
you would have been disinclining
he/she/it would have been disinclining
they would have been disinclining


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