Pronunciation: [dɪsˈɪləbə͡l] (IPA)

Dissyllable is a word that means having two syllables. The spelling of this word follows the standard English vowel sound rules. The first syllable begins with a "di" sound, which is pronounced /dɪ/. The second syllable starts with "sy," and this is written as /sɪ/. The double "s" in "dissyllable" indicates that the second syllable is stressed. While the word may seem complex, breaking it down into its syllables using IPA phonetic transcription makes it easier to understand and spell correctly.

DISSYLLABLE Meaning and Definition

  1. A dissyllable is a linguistic term used to describe a word or term that consists of two syllables. Syllables are the basic units of pronunciation and are often identified by the presence of a vowel sound. A dissyllable therefore contains two distinct vowel sounds or a combination of vowels and consonants that produces two separate syllables.

    The division between syllables in a dissyllable follows certain patterns and rules of phonetics. Each syllable usually contains a vowel, which may be accompanied by one or more consonants. The syllables can be separated based on vowel sounds, consonant sounds, or a combination of both. For example, in the dissyllable "table," the syllables are divided as "ta-ble," with each syllable containing a vowel and one consonant. In another dissyllable like "story," the syllable division is "sto-ry," where each syllable also contains a vowel and one consonant.

    A dissyllable can refer to both nouns and adjectives, and it is often used to classify and analyze linguistic patterns and structures within languages. Identifying dissyllables can help in understanding word stress, pronunciation, and syllable boundaries within different languages or dialects.

Common Misspellings for DISSYLLABLE

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Etymology of DISSYLLABLE

The word dissyllable is derived from the combination of two Latin elements: dis- meaning apart or two and syllaba meaning syllable. The Latin term dis- indicates a splitting or separation, while syllaba refers to a sound unit or a syllable. Thus, dissyllable literally means two syllables or consisting of two syllables.

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