How Do You Spell DLEU?

Pronunciation: [dˈiːlˈuː] (IPA)

Correct spelling for the English word "DLEU" is [dˈiːlˈuː], [dˈiːlˈuː], [d_ˈiː_l_ˈuː] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

DLEU Meaning and Definition

  1. DLEU stands for "Deleted in Lymphocytic Leukemia" and is a gene located on chromosome 13q14.3. It is often associated with a critical region of chromosomal aberrations and is involved in the development and progression of various types of lymphoid malignancies, particularly B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL).

    The DLEU gene is believed to act as a tumor suppressor, meaning it helps regulate cell growth and prevents cells from dividing and growing uncontrollably. Loss or deletion of the DLEU gene is frequently observed in B-CLL and other lymphoid malignancies, suggesting its crucial role in the development of these diseases.

    The DLEU gene is part of a larger genomic region, commonly referred to as the 13q14 deletion, which is frequently affected in B-CLL and other lymphoproliferative disorders. Studies have shown that the loss of DLEU gene expression contributes to the progression of lymphocytes towards malignancy by disrupting crucial cellular processes like cell cycle control and apoptosis.

    Understanding the role of DLEU in lymphocytic leukemia and other lymphoid malignancies is crucial for developing better diagnostic markers, prognostic models, and targeted therapies. Researchers are actively investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying DLEU gene dysregulation and its impact on the pathogenesis of lymphoid malignancies, with the hope of unveiling new treatment strategies to improve patient outcomes.