How Do You Spell DOKKUM?

The word "Dokkum" is a spelling that may be difficult to decipher for those unfamiliar with the Dutch language. Its pronunciation can be broken down as follows: /ˈdɔkəm/ (DOK-uhm). The "o" is pronounced as a short vowel sound and the "k" is a hard, velar sound. This word refers to a town in the Netherlands, and is important in the country's history due to a famous battle that took place there in the 8th century.

21 words made out of letters DOKKUM

3 letters

4 letters

  • komu,
  • douk,
  • mudo,
  • kumo,
  • doku,
  • moku,
  • domu,
  • kuom,
  • kouk,
  • muko,
  • kuok,
  • ukko,
  • doum,
  • ukok,
  • koum.

5 letters