How Do You Spell DOME?

Pronunciation: [dˈə͡ʊm] (IPA)

The word "dome" is spelled with two letters "o" and "e". Its IPA phonetic transcription is /doʊm/. The letter "o" represents the sound /oʊ/ as in the word "boat". The letter "e" at the end is silent in this case, but changes the pronunciation by making the vowel sound long instead of short as it would be in the word "dom". A dome is a rounded roof or ceiling, often found on prominent buildings, such as churches or government buildings.

DOME Meaning and Definition

A dome is a architectural structure designed in the shape of a hollow, half-spherical shell. It is typically composed of a series of curved or polygonal surfaces that converge at a central point, creating a rounded or hemispherical enclosure. The term "dome" is derived from the Latin word "domus," meaning house or home.

Domes are commonly seen in various cultural and historical buildings, serving as key features in religious, ceremonial, and governmental architecture. They are also frequently used in modern structures to achieve an aesthetic appeal or provide functional benefits.

The structural design of a dome allows for an efficient distribution of weight and enhances stability. Depending on the materials used, domes can be constructed using various methods such as masonry, concrete, or metal frames with cladding materials. The interior of domes can possess an open space with no obstruction, thus allowing for a spacious and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Domes can be found in several architectural styles including Renaissance, Romanesque, Gothic, and Islamic, each exhibiting unique characteristics. The size of domes may vary greatly, from small decorative structures to gigantic domed edifices. Examples of famous domed structures include the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the Pantheon in Rome, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, and the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

In summary, a dome is a distinct architectural element that embraces a spherical or hemispherical shape, providing structural stability, aesthetic appeal, and spatial grandeur within various buildings across cultures and throughout history.

Common Misspellings for DOME

Etymology of DOME

The word "dome" has an interesting etymology. It is derived from the Latin word "domus", which means "house" or "home". In Latin, "domus" was used to describe a house or a place of residence. This Latin root gave rise to several related words in various languages.

In English, the word "dome" specifically refers to a rounded roof or ceiling that forms a hemispherical shape. The concept of a dome as we understand it today was developed during the Renaissance, inspired by ancient Roman architecture. The Latin term "domus" was used to describe this architectural feature, and it eventually evolved into "dome" in English.

It's worth mentioning that the word "domus" also gave rise to other related words, such as "domestic", "domesticity", and "domicile". All these words are connected to the idea of home or dwelling.

Idioms with the word DOME

  • chrome dome The idiom "chrome dome" is used to refer to a person who is bald, especially someone with a shiny or polished scalp resembling the appearance of a chrome-plated surface.
  • double-dome The idiom "double-dome" refers to an intellectual or an academic, often implying a person who is highly educated, knowledgeable, and scholarly. It can be used to describe someone with a high IQ or extensive expertise in a specific field.
  • marble dome

Similar spelling words for DOME

Plural form of DOME is DOMES

Conjugate verb Dome


I would dome
you would dome
he/she/it would dome
we would dome
they would dome


I would be doming
you would be doming
he/she/it would be doming
we would be doming
they would be doming


I would have dome
you would have dome
he/she/it would have dome
we would have dome
they would have dome


I would have been doming
you would have been doming
he/she/it would have been doming
we would have been doming
they would have been doming


I will dome
you will dome
he/she/it will dome
we will dome
they will dome


I will be doming
you will be doming
he/she/it will be doming
we will be doming
they will be doming


I will have domed
you will have domed
he/she/it will have domed
we will have domed
they will have domed


I will have been doming
you will have been doming
he/she/it will have been doming
we will have been doming
they will have been doming


you dome
we let´s dome


to dome


I domed
you domed
he/she/it domed
we domed
they domed


I was doming
you were doming
he/she/it was doming
we were doming
they were doming




I had domed
you had domed
he/she/it had domed
we had domed
they had domed


I had been doming
you had been doming
he/she/it had been doming
we had been doming
they had been doming


I dome
you dome
he/she/it domes
we dome
they dome


I am doming
you are doming
he/she/it is doming
we are doming
they are doming




I have domed
you have domed
he/she/it has domed
we have domed
they have domed


I have been doming
you have been doming
he/she/it has been doming
we have been doming
they have been doming
I would have domed
we would have domed
you would have domed
he/she/it would have domed
they would have domed


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