How Do You Spell DONATES?

Correct spelling for the English word "donates" is [də͡ʊnˈe͡ɪts], [də‍ʊnˈe‍ɪts], [d_əʊ_n_ˈeɪ_t_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for DONATES

Below is the list of 115 misspellings for the word "donates".

Similar spelling words for DONATES

45 words made out of letters DONATES

5 letters

  • nosed,
  • toads,
  • antes,
  • deans,
  • odesa,
  • stand,
  • odets,
  • danes,
  • datos,
  • aeons,
  • toned,
  • sedan,
  • stone,
  • oaten,
  • saone,
  • dotes,
  • steno,
  • nodes,
  • anode,
  • dante,
  • todea,
  • dents,
  • nates,
  • onset,
  • stead,
  • oates,
  • tones,
  • anted,
  • atone,
  • sonde,
  • notes,
  • stoae,
  • andes,
  • tends,
  • dates,
  • seton,
  • snead,
  • sated,
  • noted.

6 letters

  • atones,
  • anodes,
  • donate,
  • atoned,
  • stoned,
  • ostend.

Conjugate verb Donates


I would donate
we would donate
you would donate
he/she/it would donate
they would donate


I will donate
we will donate
you will donate
he/she/it will donate
they will donate


I will have donated
we will have donated
you will have donated
he/she/it will have donated
they will have donated


I donated
we donated
you donated
he/she/it donated
they donated


I had donated
we had donated
you had donated
he/she/it had donated
they had donated


I donate
we donate
you donate
he/she/it donates
they donate


I have donated
we have donated
you have donated
he/she/it has donated
they have donated
I am donating
we are donating
you are donating
he/she/it is donating
they are donating
I was donating
we were donating
you were donating
he/she/it was donating
they were donating
I will be donating
we will be donating
you will be donating
he/she/it will be donating
they will be donating
I have been donating
we have been donating
you have been donating
he/she/it has been donating
they have been donating
I had been donating
we had been donating
you had been donating
he/she/it had been donating
they had been donating
I will have been donating
we will have been donating
you will have been donating
he/she/it will have been donating
they will have been donating
I would have donated
we would have donated
you would have donated
he/she/it would have donated
they would have donated
I would be donating
we would be donating
you would be donating
he/she/it would be donating
they would be donating
I would have been donating
we would have been donating
you would have been donating
he/she/it would have been donating
they would have been donating


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