How Do You Spell DONENESS?

The spelling of the word "doneness" can be explained using IPA phonetic transcription as /ˈdʌn.nɪs/. This word refers to the state of being fully cooked, which is typically used to describe meat or other food items. The double "n" in the middle of the word represents the pronunciation of the short "u" sound, and the final "e" at the end is silent. "Doneness" is not a commonly used word, but it is essential in culinary terminology.

Common Misspellings for DONENESS

  • donnes
  • donees
  • xoneness
  • dkneness
  • dlneness
  • dpneness
  • d0neness
  • d9neness
  • dobeness
  • domeness
  • dojeness
  • doheness
  • donwness
  • donsness
  • donrness
  • don4ness
  • don3ness
  • donebess
  • donemess
  • donejess

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