How Do You Spell DOOR?

Correct spelling for the English word "door" is [d_ˈɔː], [dˈɔː], [dˈɔː]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Plural form of DOOR is DOORS

Definition of DOOR

  1. d[=o]r, n. the usual entrance into a house, room, or passage: the wooden frame on hinges closing up the entrance: a means of approach or access.--ns. DOOR'-BELL; DOOR'-CASE, the frame which encloses a door; DOOR'-CHEEK (Scot.), one of the side-posts of a door; DOOR'-KEEP'ER; DOOR'-KNOCK'ER; DOOR'-MAT; DOOR'-NAIL; DOOR'-PLATE, a plate on or at a door with the householder's name on it; DOOR'-POST, the jamb or side-piece of a door; DOOR'-SILL, the threshold of a doorway; DOOR'-STEAD, a doorway; DOOR'-STEP, DOOR'-STONE, the step-stone; DOOR'WAY, the entrance or passage closed by the door; DOOR'-YARD, a yard about the door of a house; FOLD'ING-DOOR, a door in two halves, each of which may be folded back against the wall.--DARKEN ONE'S DOOR, to cross one's threshold; DEATH'S DOOR, on the point of death, in great danger of death; NEXT DOOR TO, in the house next to: near to, bordering upon, very nearly; OUT OF DOORS, in the open air; SHOW TO THE DOOR, to dismiss with ignominy. [A.S. duru; Ger. thor, thür; Gr. thyra, L. fores (pl.), a door.]

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Usage Examples for DOOR

  1. It was Addie who opened the door. - "The Twilight of the Souls" by Louis Couperus
  2. Barrett looked past the man at the door. - "King Spruce, A Novel" by Holman Day
  3. Where is Austin, and why doesn't he open the door? - "Austin and His Friends" by Frederic H. Balfour
  4. One can only stand in the door and wait. - "The Weavers, Complete" by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  5. Why did you leave this door at all? - "Whispering Wires" by Henry Leverage

What does door stand for?

Abbreviation DOOR means:

  1. Deaf Opportunity Out Reach
  2. Database of Origin and Registration