How Do You Spell DORIES?

Pronunciation: [dˈɔːɹɪz] (IPA)

The word "dories" is spelled with an /ɔ/ sound as in "door" followed by an "eez" sound. The IPA phonetic transcription for "dories" is /ˈdɔː.riːz/. This word refers to small, flat-bottomed boats that are commonly used for fishing or transportation. The plural form of "dory" is "dories." It's important to spell this word correctly to avoid confusion with other similar-sounding words, such as "stories" or "glories."

DORIES Meaning and Definition

  1. Dories are small, flat-bottomed boats or skiffs commonly used for fishing or recreational purposes. Typically made of wood or fiberglass, these boats are known for their stability, simplicity, and versatility.

    The term "dories" can also refer specifically to a type of fishing boat that originated from the eastern coast of North America, particularly New England. These traditional dories are characterized by their narrow hull, high bow, and low freeboard, allowing them to navigate shallow waters while remaining stable. The compact size and lightweight nature of dories make them easily transportable on trailers or carried by hand.

    Due to their design, dories are especially suitable for fishing and shellfishing activities, allowing fishermen to access areas that larger vessels cannot. Their flat-bottomed shape ensures stability even in choppy waters, while the high bow helps to navigate waves and prevent water from splashing into the boat. In addition to their fishing purposes, dories are often used for rowing, sailing, or as tender boats for larger vessels.

    In modern times, dories have become a popular choice among recreational boaters and outdoor enthusiasts. Their simplicity and ease of use make them an excellent option for beginners, while experienced boaters appreciate their maneuverability and adaptability. Whether for fishing, exploring coastal areas, or enjoying leisurely outings, dories provide a classic and practical watercraft option.

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Etymology of DORIES

The word "dories" primarily has two distinct etymological origins:

1. In the context of small fishing boats: The word "dory" originated from the Middle English word "dorray", which was derived from the Old French word "doree". "Doree" referred to a small fishing boat with a flat bottom and high sides, used for coastal fishing. It is believed that the term "dory" was taken from this word and used to describe similar boats in English-speaking regions.

2. In the context of furniture: The term "dories" is also used to refer to the decorative wooden blocks or feet that are attached to furniture. In this case, the etymology of "dories" is closely linked to the word "dorée" or "doré" in French, meaning "gilded" or "golden".

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