How Do You Spell DOSS?

Pronunciation: [dˈɒs] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "doss" might seem peculiar to some with its double 's', but it is actually a common feature in British English. The word means to sleep rough or to stay in a cheap lodging. Its IPA phonetic transcription is /dɒs/, with the first sound being a short 'o' and the second sound being a voiced 's'. The stress is on the first syllable, which is pronounced like the word "hot". Overall, "doss" is a relatively simple word to spell and pronounce.

DOSS Meaning and Definition

  1. Doss is a verb that is primarily used in British English slang to mean sleeping or lodging in a crude or makeshift manner, often in a disreputable place or under unfavorable conditions. It could also refer to a temporary or rough sleeping arrangement, typically made by lying down on the floor or a improvised bed. The term is commonly associated with individuals who are homeless, vagrant, or living in extreme poverty.

    The word "doss" can also be a noun, referring to a place where one sleeps or an improvised bedspread or mattress. It is often used to emphasize the simplicity or low quality of the sleeping arrangements.

    The origins of the term "doss" are uncertain, but it is believed to have emerged around the late 18th century or early 19th century, possibly derived from the Romani language, in which "dush" means sleep. It became popular among various social groups, including soldiers, sailors, and those living in slums, and gradually entered the broader slang lexicon.

    In contemporary usage, "dossing" or "to doss" can also be employed more broadly to describe lazing about or engaging in leisurely activities in a relaxed or carefree manner. It may imply a lack of ambition or motivation.

    Overall, doss is a versatile term that primarily signifies sleeping or lodging in a makeshift manner, usually under poor or deprived conditions.

Common Misspellings for DOSS

Etymology of DOSS

The word "doss" originated in the early 19th century and has its roots in British slang. Its precise etymology is uncertain, but there are a few theories about its origins.

1. Doss House Theory: One theory suggests that "doss" is derived from the term "doss house", which referred to cheap, run-down lodging houses or establishments providing cheap accommodations to the working class or homeless individuals. It is believed that "doss" evolved from this term and came to represent a place to sleep or rest.

2. Romani Language Theory: Another possible origin of "doss" is the Romani language, which is spoken by the Romani people. "Dosh" or "doš" in Romani means "bed" or "rest". It is possible that this word entered the British slang vocabulary and later transformed into "doss".

Idioms with the word DOSS

  • doss down The idiom "doss down" means to find a place to sleep, typically in a casual or temporary manner. It can refer to sleeping in a simple or makeshift bed, or simply finding a spot to lie down and rest for a short period of time.
  • doss around The idiom "doss around" means to waste time or be lazy, particularly by doing unimportant or trivial activities without purpose or productivity.
  • doss about The idiom "doss about" refers to engaging in aimless or unproductive activities, typically with a sense of laziness or wasting time. It implies not taking anything seriously and simply passing the time without purpose or achievement.
  • doss down (for sm time) The idiom "doss down (for some time)" means to find a place to sleep or rest for a certain period of time. It implies temporarily settling down in a particular spot, often with the connotation of it being a simple or makeshift arrangement.
  • doss down (for some time) The idiom "doss down (for some time)" typically refers to the act of temporarily sleeping or resting in a casual or makeshift manner. It implies finding a place to lie down or sleep, often in a haphazard or improvised manner, for a certain duration of time. It is generally associated with a short or brief period of rest rather than a long-term arrangement.

Similar spelling words for DOSS

Plural form of DOSS is DOSSES

Conjugate verb Doss


I would doss
you would doss
he/she/it would doss
we would doss
they would doss


I would be dossing
you would be dossing
he/she/it would be dossing
we would be dossing
they would be dossing


I would have doss
you would have doss
he/she/it would have doss
we would have doss
they would have doss


I would have been dossing
you would have been dossing
he/she/it would have been dossing
we would have been dossing
they would have been dossing


I will doss
you will doss
he/she/it will doss
we will doss
they will doss


I will be dossing
you will be dossing
he/she/it will be dossing
we will be dossing
they will be dossing


I will have dossed
you will have dossed
he/she/it will have dossed
we will have dossed
they will have dossed


I will have been dossing
you will have been dossing
he/she/it will have been dossing
we will have been dossing
they will have been dossing


you doss
we let´s doss


to doss


I dossed
you dossed
he/she/it dossed
we dossed
they dossed


I was dossing
you were dossing
he/she/it was dossing
we were dossing
they were dossing




I had dossed
you had dossed
he/she/it had dossed
we had dossed
they had dossed


I had been dossing
you had been dossing
he/she/it had been dossing
we had been dossing
they had been dossing


I doss
you doss
he/she/it dosses
we doss
they doss


I am dossing
you are dossing
he/she/it is dossing
we are dossing
they are dossing




I have dossed
you have dossed
he/she/it has dossed
we have dossed
they have dossed


I have been dossing
you have been dossing
he/she/it has been dossing
we have been dossing
they have been dossing
I would have dossed
we would have dossed
you would have dossed
he/she/it would have dossed
they would have dossed


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