How Do You Spell DOSSER?

Pronunciation: [dˈɒsə] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "dosser" may seem confusing, but using IPA phonetic transcription can make it easier to understand. The word is spelled d-o-s-s-e-r, with the accent on the first syllable. The IPA transcription of the word is /ˈdɑsər/. The "o" in the second syllable is pronounced like an "uh" sound, and the "ss" is pronounced like a "z" sound. This word can refer to a beggar's bundle, or to a large pillow that is used to support the arms while working.

DOSSER Meaning and Definition

  1. Dosser is a noun that refers to a person who lives in extreme poverty, often homeless or without a permanent dwelling. This term is primarily used in British English, particularly in the urban slang of London. The word is derived from the French "dossier" meaning "bundle" or "bag," evoking the image of a person carrying their belongings in a makeshift bag.

    Typically, a dosser survives by begging, relying on the generosity of others or seeking assistance from social services. Dosser also encompasses the idea of a person who leads a transient lifestyle, shifting from place to place without a stable home. Though it carries a negative connotation, the term dosser doesn't imply any moral judgement and is often used more descriptively rather than pejoratively.

    In broader usage, dosser can also denote a mattress or sleeping bag used by someone experiencing homelessness. The term might also refer to a temporary shelter or improvised dwelling made by a person who lacks permanent accommodation. Regardless of the specific usage, dosser is closely associated with individuals who face poverty and social marginalization, underscoring the challenges they encounter in their daily lives.

    Overall, dosser is a multifaceted term that encompasses both the person experiencing homelessness and the makeshift living situations that they often find themselves in. It serves as a colloquial expression to describe those who live on the fringes of society, grappling with the hardships of extreme poverty.

  2. • A pannier or basket to be carried on the shoulder.
    • Noting the hangings placed at the back of the altar as a decoration, and to hide the bare walls; noting hangings in a dining-hall behind the seats of the guests.
    • A rich tapestry hanging at the back of an altar as an ornament, and to hide the wall; a hanging in a dining-hall; an ornamental cover for a chair.

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Etymology of DOSSER

The word "dosser" originated in the early 17th century, and its etymology is uncertain. It is believed to have derived from the French word "dos" meaning "back", which suggests a connection to the sense of carrying or burden. However, there is also a possibility that it may have developed separately from the same root as "dossier", which entered English from French around the same time, and originally referred to a bundle of papers or documents carried on a person's back. Nonetheless, the exact origin and development of the word "dosser" remains somewhat unclear.

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Plural form of DOSSER is DOSSERS


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