How Do You Spell DOTES?

The spelling of the word "dotes" is quite straightforward. It is spelled D-O-T-E-S, and its IPA phonetic transcription is /doʊts/. In this word, the "o" makes an "oh" sound, while the "e" at the end is silent. The "t" is sounded twice, producing a slightly sibilant "ts" sound. "Dotes" is a verb that means to treat someone with excessive fondness or to be excessively fond of someone or something.

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Conjugate verb Dotes


I would dote
we would dote
you would dote
he/she/it would dote
they would dote


I will dote
we will dote
you will dote
he/she/it will dote
they will dote


I will have doted
we will have doted
you will have doted
he/she/it will have doted
they will have doted


I doted
we doted
you doted
he/she/it doted
they doted


I had doted
we had doted
you had doted
he/she/it had doted
they had doted


I dote
we dote
you dote
he/she/it dotes
they dote


I have doted
we have doted
you have doted
he/she/it has doted
they have doted
I am doting
we are doting
you are doting
he/she/it is doting
they are doting
I was doting
we were doting
you were doting
he/she/it was doting
they were doting
I will be doting
we will be doting
you will be doting
he/she/it will be doting
they will be doting
I have been doting
we have been doting
you have been doting
he/she/it has been doting
they have been doting
I had been doting
we had been doting
you had been doting
he/she/it had been doting
they had been doting
I will have been doting
we will have been doting
you will have been doting
he/she/it will have been doting
they will have been doting
I would have doted
we would have doted
you would have doted
he/she/it would have doted
they would have doted
I would be doting
we would be doting
you would be doting
he/she/it would be doting
they would be doting
I would have been doting
we would have been doting
you would have been doting
he/she/it would have been doting
they would have been doting


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