How Do You Spell DOTS?

The word "dots" is spelled using the IPA phonetic transcription as /dɒts/. The symbol "d" represents the voiced dental plosive "d", followed by the "o" sound as in "hot" represented as /ɒ/, and then the voiceless alveolar plosive "t" represented as /t/. The plural of "dot", "dots" refers to small marks or points that can be used to indicate something on a surface or a screen.

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16 words made out of letters DOTS

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3 letters

Conjugate verb Dots


I would dot
we would dot
you would dot
he/she/it would dot
they would dot


I will dot
we will dot
you will dot
he/she/it will dot
they will dot


I will have dotted
we will have dotted
you will have dotted
he/she/it will have dotted
they will have dotted


I dotted
we dotted
you dotted
he/she/it dotted
they dotted


I had dotted
we had dotted
you had dotted
he/she/it had dotted
they had dotted


I dot
we dot
you dot
he/she/it dots
they dot


I have dotted
we have dotted
you have dotted
he/she/it has dotted
they have dotted
I am dotting
we are dotting
you are dotting
he/she/it is dotting
they are dotting
I was dotting
we were dotting
you were dotting
he/she/it was dotting
they were dotting
I will be dotting
we will be dotting
you will be dotting
he/she/it will be dotting
they will be dotting
I have been dotting
we have been dotting
you have been dotting
he/she/it has been dotting
they have been dotting
I had been dotting
we had been dotting
you had been dotting
he/she/it had been dotting
they had been dotting
I will have been dotting
we will have been dotting
you will have been dotting
he/she/it will have been dotting
they will have been dotting
I would have dotted
we would have dotted
you would have dotted
he/she/it would have dotted
they would have dotted
I would be dotting
we would be dotting
you would be dotting
he/she/it would be dotting
they would be dotting
I would have been dotting
we would have been dotting
you would have been dotting
he/she/it would have been dotting
they would have been dotting


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