How Do You Spell DOUBLES?

Correct spelling for the English word "doubles" is [d_ˈʌ_b_əl_z], [dˈʌbə͡lz], [dˈʌbə‍lz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for DOUBLES

Below is the list of 235 misspellings for the word "doubles".

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Definition of DOUBLES

  1. badminton played with two players on each side

Anagrams of DOUBLES

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Usage Examples for DOUBLES

  1. There the procession doubles the corner at a swinging curve, and there, time it as she would, the little arithmetic teacher was doomed to fall foul of the procession. - "Superseded" by May Sinclair
  2. You- all doubles or breaks right yere. - "Wolfville Nights" by Alfred Lewis

Conjugate verb Doubles


I would double
we would double
you would double
he/she/it would double
they would double


I will double
we will double
you will double
he/she/it will double
they will double


I will have doubled
we will have doubled
you will have doubled
he/she/it will have doubled
they will have doubled


I doubled
we doubled
you doubled
he/she/it doubled
they doubled


I had doubled
we had doubled
you had doubled
he/she/it had doubled
they had doubled


I double
we double
you double
he/she/it doubles
they double


I have doubled
we have doubled
you have doubled
he/she/it has doubled
they have doubled
I am doubling
we are doubling
you are doubling
he/she/it is doubling
they are doubling
I was doubling
we were doubling
you were doubling
he/she/it was doubling
they were doubling
I will be doubling
we will be doubling
you will be doubling
he/she/it will be doubling
they will be doubling
I have been doubling
we have been doubling
you have been doubling
he/she/it has been doubling
they have been doubling
I had been doubling
we had been doubling
you had been doubling
he/she/it had been doubling
they had been doubling
I will have been doubling
we will have been doubling
you will have been doubling
he/she/it will have been doubling
they will have been doubling
I would have doubled
we would have doubled
you would have doubled
he/she/it would have doubled
they would have doubled
I would be doubling
we would be doubling
you would be doubling
he/she/it would be doubling
they would be doubling
I would have been doubling
we would have been doubling
you would have been doubling
he/she/it would have been doubling
they would have been doubling