How Do You Spell DOVES?

Pronunciation: [dˈʌvz] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "doves" is unique due to its pronunciation. The IPA transcription for "doves" is /dʌvz/. The "o" in "doves" is pronounced as the open-mid back unrounded vowel represented by /ʌ/. The final "s" is pronounced as a voiced dental fricative represented by /z/. This spelling is also unique due to the fact that it uses the letter "v" instead of "f," which is the more common spelling for the /v/ sound. Overall, "doves" is a great example of the English language's complex spelling and pronunciation rules.

DOVES Meaning and Definition

  1. Doves, in a general sense, can refer to any of various species of birds belonging to the family Columbidae, characterized by their relatively small size, plump bodies, and short legs. They are famous for their peaceful and gentle nature, often associated with symbols of peace, love, and tranquility.

    The term "doves" is also commonly employed to represent people or groups known for their political or social preferences for nonviolent approaches, restraint, compromise, or diplomatic solutions. In this context, "doves" are often juxtaposed with "hawks" who advocate for more aggressive or militant measures.

    Furthermore, the symbol of doves has deep historical and cultural significance. In numerous mythologies and religious traditions, doves are emblematic of purity, innocence, and divine guidance. They are frequently referenced in literature, art, and poetry as messengers or symbols of hope, serenity, and fidelity.

    Doves are known for their monogamous behavior and tender care towards their offspring. Their gentle cooing sounds are distinct and pleasing to the ear. With a wide global distribution, doves can be found in diverse habitats, ranging from urban areas to forests and deserts.

    In summary, doves are small birds characterized by their peaceful nature, often representing love, peace, and tranquility. The term can also be used metaphorically to denote those favoring nonviolence, diplomacy, or compromise. Doves are culturally and symbolically significant creatures, associated with purity, divine guidance, and hope.

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Etymology of DOVES

The word "doves" is derived from the Old English word "dūfe", which can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word "dūbǭ" in Old High German and "dūbo" in Old Norse. The ultimate origin of the word is uncertain, but it is believed to have Indo-European roots.

Idioms with the word DOVES

  • hawks and doves The idiom "hawks and doves" refers to two contrasting groups or individuals, typically used in the context of politics or international relations. "Hawks" are characterized as aggressive and advocating for military intervention, confrontation, or assertiveness, while "doves" are characterized as more pacifist or diplomatic, favoring peaceful resolutions and nonviolent approaches. The idiom is often used to describe opposing perspectives or policies regarding war, conflict, or foreign policy.

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