How Do You Spell DRAGNET?

Pronunciation: [dɹˈaɡnɛt] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "dragnet" follows the phonetic transcription of /ˈdræɡˌnɛt/. The syllables are divided into two - "drag" /dræɡ/ and "net" /nɛt/. The word's first syllable consists of a voiced consonant /d/ followed by a vowel sound /ræ/. The letter "g" is pronounced as a hard sound /ɡ/ in the first syllable and a silent letter in the second syllable. Finally, the second syllable ends with a voiced consonant /n/ and a short vowel sound /ɛ/.

DRAGNET Meaning and Definition

  1. A dragnet is a noun that refers to a method or system of capturing or gathering individuals, information, or objects through an extensive and widespread search or investigation. Derived from the idea of a fishing net dragged across the bottom of a body of water to collect fish, a dragnet metaphorically describes an operation designed to apprehend or gather people or things systematically.

    In law enforcement, a dragnet is often employed as a strategic technique to apprehend criminals or suspects. It typically involves expanding the search radius across a wide area, utilizing various resources such as personnel, surveillance, and intelligence to comprehensively sweep a targeted region. The objective is to locate and apprehend as many individuals as possible who are believed to be involved in criminal activities.

    Furthermore, a dragnet can also be used to describe a rigorous search or investigation conducted in fields such as journalism or science. This comprehensive approach is centered on collecting extensive information, evidence, or data from various sources and locations with the purpose of understanding, exposing, or verifying a specific subject or phenomenon.

    Overall, the term dragnet encapsulates the concept of a methodical and extensive search geared towards capturing or gathering individuals, information, or objects.

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Etymology of DRAGNET

The word "dragnet" is said to have originated from the Old English term "drag net", where "drag" refers to a type of fishing net that was pulled or dragged behind a boat or along the bottom of a body of water. The term was made up of the Middle English word "dragen", meaning "to drag" or "to pull", and "net", which refers to a fishing net. Over time, "drag net" eventually evolved into the term "dragnet" that we use today. This term has been figuratively extended to refer to a systematic search or coordinated effort to catch or gather something, such as criminals.

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Plural form of DRAGNET is DRAGNETS


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