How Do You Spell DRAWN?

Correct spelling for the English word "drawn" is [d_ɹ_ˈɔː_n], [dɹˈɔːn], [dɹˈɔːn]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for DRAWN

Definition of DRAWN

  1. (of vehicles) pulled forward (often used in combination; "horse-drawn vehicles")

Anagrams of DRAWN

4 letters

3 letters

Conjugate verb Drawn


I would draw
we would draw
you would draw
he/she/it would draw
they would draw


I will draw
we will draw
you will draw
he/she/it will draw
they will draw


I will have drawn
we will have drawn
you will have drawn
he/she/it will have drawn
they will have drawn


I drew
we drew
you drew
he/she/it drew
they drew


I had drawn
we had drawn
you had drawn
he/she/it had drawn
they had drawn


I draw
we draw
you draw
he/she/it draws
they draw


I have drawn
we have drawn
you have drawn
he/she/it has drawn
they have drawn
I am drawing
we are drawing
you are drawing
he/she/it is drawing
they are drawing
I was drawing
we were drawing
you were drawing
he/she/it was drawing
they were drawing
I will be drawing
we will be drawing
you will be drawing
he/she/it will be drawing
they will be drawing
I have been drawing
we have been drawing
you have been drawing
he/she/it has been drawing
they have been drawing
I had been drawing
we had been drawing
you had been drawing
he/she/it had been drawing
they had been drawing
I will have been drawing
we will have been drawing
you will have been drawing
he/she/it will have been drawing
they will have been drawing
I would have drawn
we would have drawn
you would have drawn
he/she/it would have drawn
they would have drawn
I would be drawing
we would be drawing
you would be drawing
he/she/it would be drawing
they would be drawing
I would have been drawing
we would have been drawing
you would have been drawing
he/she/it would have been drawing
they would have been drawing