How Do You Spell DREA?

The word "Drea" is spelled with four letters, but its pronunciation might be tricky to grasp. Using the IPA phonetic transcription, we can break down the correct way to say the word. It is pronounced as /dɹiːə/, which means that the first letter is a voiced alveolar plosive "d," followed by a long vowel sound "r-ee," and ending with a schwa /ə/ sound. The correct spelling of the word may be challenging to remember, but its pronunciation is much easier to understand.

Common Misspellings for DREA

  • drtea
  • d5rea
  • dr5ea
  • d4rea
  • dr4ea
  • drwea
  • drsea
  • dre4a
  • dr3ea
  • dre3a
  • dreqa
  • dreaq
  • D2ea
  • Dbea
  • Dzea
  • Dpea
  • d rea
  • dr ea
  • dre a

21 words made out of letters DREA

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