How Do You Spell DRENA?

The word "Drena" is spelled as /drɛːna/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first sound, /d/, is a voiced dental plosive followed by the long e sound /ɛː/. The third sound in the word is a retroflex nasal /n/, which is produced by curling the tongue back towards the roof of the mouth. The final sound, /a/, is an open front unrounded vowel. Altogether, the word "Drena" is pronounced as "Dreh-nah".

Common Misspellings for DRENA

  • xrena
  • drwna
  • drsna
  • drdna
  • drrna
  • dr4na
  • dr3na
  • dreha
  • drenz
  • drens
  • drenw
  • drenq
  • dsrena
  • xdrena
  • dxrena
  • cdrena
  • dcrena
  • rdrena
  • edrena
  • ddrena

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