How Do You Spell DRUMS?

Correct spelling for the English word "drums" is [d_ɹ_ˈʌ_m_z], [dɹˈʌmz], [dɹˈʌmz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for DRUMS

Below is the list of 78 misspellings for the word "drums".

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Anagrams of DRUMS

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Usage Examples for DRUMS

  1. The drums were more numerous now, and above the wall there rose a glare of light. - "The Four Feathers" by A. E. W. Mason
  2. The drums which composed them have fallen asunder, but maintain their original relation to each other on the ground. - "Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Vol III." by John Symonds

What does drums stand for?

Abbreviation DRUMS means:

  1. Dynamically Responding Ultrasonic Matrix System
  2. Determination of Right and Unity for Menominee Shareholders

Conjugate verb Drums


I would drum
we would drum
you would drum
he/she/it would drum
they would drum


I will drum
we will drum
you will drum
he/she/it will drum
they will drum


I will have drummed
we will have drummed
you will have drummed
he/she/it will have drummed
they will have drummed


I drummed
we drummed
you drummed
he/she/it drummed
they drummed


I had drummed
we had drummed
you had drummed
he/she/it had drummed
they had drummed


I drum
we drum
you drum
he/she/it drums
they drum


I have drummed
we have drummed
you have drummed
he/she/it has drummed
they have drummed
I am drumming
we are drumming
you are drumming
he/she/it is drumming
they are drumming
I was drumming
we were drumming
you were drumming
he/she/it was drumming
they were drumming
I will be drumming
we will be drumming
you will be drumming
he/she/it will be drumming
they will be drumming
I have been drumming
we have been drumming
you have been drumming
he/she/it has been drumming
they have been drumming
I had been drumming
we had been drumming
you had been drumming
he/she/it had been drumming
they had been drumming
I will have been drumming
we will have been drumming
you will have been drumming
he/she/it will have been drumming
they will have been drumming
I would have drummed
we would have drummed
you would have drummed
he/she/it would have drummed
they would have drummed
I would be drumming
we would be drumming
you would be drumming
he/she/it would be drumming
they would be drumming
I would have been drumming
we would have been drumming
you would have been drumming
he/she/it would have been drumming
they would have been drumming