How Do You Spell DRYER OR DRIER?

The spelling of the word "dryer or drier" can be confusing. However, it all comes down to the pronunciation. The word is pronounced as [drai-er], with two syllables. The first syllable is said like "dry," while the second syllable is pronounced like "er." So, either spelling with "y" or "i" is correct. It is important to note that "dryer" is more commonly used in the US, while "drier" is commonly used in the UK. Both spellings have the same meaning and refer to a machine used to dry clothes.

Common Misspellings for DRYER OR DRIER

  • sryer or drier
  • xryer or drier
  • cryer or drier
  • fryer or drier
  • rryer or drier
  • eryer or drier
  • deyer or drier
  • ddyer or drier
  • dfyer or drier
  • dtyer or drier
  • d5yer or drier
  • d4yer or drier
  • drter or drier
  • drger or drier
  • drher or drier
  • druer or drier
  • dr7er or drier
  • dr6er or drier
  • drywr or drier
  • drysr or drier


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