How Do You Spell DRYEYED?

"Dryeyed" is a compound word composed of "dry" and "eyed". The correct spelling uses the letter "y" rather than "i" as in "dry-eyed". This spelling indicates that the stress falls on the first syllable, [draɪ]. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word is written as /ˈdraɪ.aɪd/, with emphasis on the first syllable. The word is often used to describe someone who remains composed and unemotional in the face of adversity, despite the potential for tears.

Common Misspellings for DRYEYED

  • sryeyed
  • xryeyed
  • cryeyed
  • fryeyed
  • rryeyed
  • eryeyed
  • deyeyed
  • ddyeyed
  • dfyeyed
  • dtyeyed
  • d5yeyed
  • d4yeyed
  • drteyed
  • drgeyed
  • drheyed
  • drueyed
  • dr7eyed
  • dr6eyed
  • drywyed
  • drysyed

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